0.85 Percent for a Car Loan is Currently the New Standard

One bank after the other lowers interest rates on car loans. Last week, among others, cut off their rates. But they then started walking with all the attention. That bank has lowered the interest to 0.85 percent for contracts that are concluded before the end of April. The banks lower the rates following the Motor Show that starts on January 12.

Carlender also follows

Belfius also follows

In the meantime, Carlender and Argenta have also followed in the footsteps. The new rate is valid at Carlius from 10 January for all new cars and second-hand cars of less than 3 years. Even those who want to buy an electric bicycle can take out a loan at the preferential rate.

At Argenta, the 0.85 percent interest is only valid for green cars (that are less than two years old). For new cars, the bank lowers the rate from 1.35 to 1.25 percent.

Green car loan also cheaper

Green car loan also cheaper

At many banks you pay 0.9 and 1.14 percent respectively for such a loan. The Shuloan bank also recently adjusted the rates downwards. This will lower the interest rate from 1.59 to 1.09 percent this month.

The big question remains whether bank will respond to the recent price reductions at the major banks. In previous years, the bank was always the cheapest player on the market during the Motor Show. Last year the people who wanted to take out a car loan received an interest of 0.89 percent. At the bank you currently pay 1.29 percent.